Good Sam RV Insurance

Does your car insurance cover your trailer?

What you may not know about your car insurance policy is that, more often than not you will not be covered in any way in terms of the vehicle you tow. You will in all likelihood need an insurance policy for both your main vehicle, and the vehicle in tow. Of course if you are involved in a crash and you do not have valid insurance for your towed vehicle then not only will you have a substantial bill, you will also probably face criminal charges. You will however be pleased to hear that there are many affordable towed vehicle policies out there; it is advisable to talk over the options with your insurance agent.

If you intend on living in your RV for more than 150 days per annum it might pay to consider a “full-timers comprehensive personal liability policy.” This type of insurance policy is effectively an extension of your home insurance, meaning that it will not only pay out in the event of a crash, it will also aid you if you injure yourself in your “home.” For everything to do with your RV, including the provision of insurance, you might like to consider joining the Good Sam Club.

Through the club you can purchase extended warranty cover, RV insurance, life insurance and even RV roadside assistance and recovery. Other benefits of club membership include a 10% discount at Good Sam Parks, a monthly RV magazine and safety tips. will take you to the Good Sam Club Membership site where you can find out more.

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